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Keeping in tone with the Queen’s Christmas speech this year, my last post of the year is about reflection. 2013 has been a tough year to say the least, even writing this is emotionally difficult for me. I can sum it up in three words; emotional, depressing and morbid, there even came a point when I asked “why do I do this to myself”. To be honest with 2014 just round the corner, I can’t see it getting any better.

Now, now don’t get this twisted (queen bey reference, hollaaa) this is not sob story on how pathetic my social and love life has been this year, although it would be quite a fitting introduction to that story, no I’m contemplating this year’s TV entertainment offerings.

So many people in life annoy me, but nothing frustrates me more than someone who doesn’t appreciate good TV shows. A good TV show is like the friend you will never have; they comfort you just as much as carbs will; they don’t care if you’ve not shaved your legs for over a week or if you fart while listening to them. No, all they want to do is entertain you, make you escape in their fictional lives. But just like a friend you can’t give up on them, you gotta stick with them out of loyalty and just like the last three episodes in season three of Homeland you will realise it was worth it.

Fiction, that’s the key word I constantly need to remind myself of, “IT’S NOT REAL, STOP CRYING”. I’ve never understood how I can get so emotionally attached to people I’ve never met and aren’t real, but I live for TV binging, uni work distracts me from my TV entertainment. Using “I don’t have time” as an excuse is lazy, you make time for TV, prioritize your TV consumption it pays off.
TV shows have taught me so many things in life for instance; torture is a highly effective method for protecting your national security; if I ever go to prison I should maybe change my name to Katia Rodriguez as the criminal community seem to respect latinos; maybe I should have pursued chemistry in school as it could come in handy; that sixteenth century royals were randy buggers; that I should never rat on someone especially if they’re Italian-American and own a classy establishment called Bada Bing. Useful life lessons.

Who am I to say what is a good TV show or not right? Well actually this is one of a few topics that I can discuss with some conviction. You see most children grew up watching postman pat or some crap like that when they were young, but not I. Thanks to my gran my TV morning entertainment started with some Lassie, then Charlie’s Angels and finished with Dallas. As the years progressed the only family time in the Stenhouse household was on a Sunday night where we gathered in one room to watch 24, nothing quite like a bit torture to cement a bond.

It’s frightening how much I get caught up in TV shows and this year has been hard, so, so hard. I went into a two-week depression after ‘The Red Wedding’. I’m still recovering from last week’s season finale of Homeland, every time I see a ginger I start to well up – WHY GOD, WHY?! I think I’ll forever be mentally scared from the father’s day episode of House of Cards:

“Aren’t you going to wish me a happy fathers day?”
“You don’t have any children”
“Don’t I?”

Visually it’s a lot worse, *shiver*.

On a lighter note I cried out of happiness for Will and Mckenzie in The Newsroom’s season two finale, I was just so happy for them they’d been through so much and I just knew that one completed the other, bless. Near enough every week I cry at Glee, they’re following their dreams and tugging at my heart strings with their angelic voices, the camp one gets me every time dammit.

The Queen was clearly taking about this year’s TV entertainment when she said with so many distractions, it is easy to forget to pause and take stock. Taking stock of this year I can see that TV entertainment was on point. Bravo to all the writers, actors and especially netflix who have made this year that bit more entertaining for all those like myself who have nothing better to do on Friday night. Honestly I’m apprehensive about 2014, it has so much offer in TV it could near enough emotionally destroy me. I swear if another Stark is killed off I’m Eskrine bridge bound.