Is the glass half empty in your approach to dating? Here’s some dating advice that will guarantee to change your outlook on love;

1. Adultery is a myth. No one really cheats, that’s just a lie made up by the Entertainment industry to make interesting stories.

2. Keeping feelings locked up and choosing to ignore them is bad. Making yourself vulnerable is good. You will not be emotionally scared from the inevitable rejection.

3. Someone will do a ‘Seth Cohen’ and stand on top of a coffee cart proclaiming their love for you because life can really be like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

4. Older men/women hitting on you is genuine. Just because they have been rejected by their own generation, the fact that they are interested in you makes you special.

5. Not having a type is a good thing. Those that try every fruit in the basket doesn’t mean that they’re sluts. It means they don’t discriminate, they have a greater appreciation for the opposite sex and have good people skills.

6. Breaking up in relationships is not inevitable. Using “have you ever been with someone you’v not broken up with” as an excuse is unjustifiable, contrary to their relationship history.

7. Rejection can be a good thing. Look on the bright side, It means you’ve experienced what it feels like to have someone think you aren’t good enough and you will never experience anything as emotionally scaring as that again in life (until the next possible interest comes along).

8. Public displays of affection can be endearing. They’re not just for entertaining black hearted folk like ourselves.

9. Once you see their flaws remember it’s not their defining attributes to their character. Try very, very hard to look past them, even if it’s all you can god dam see.

10. Remember soul mates are real. There really is a perfect match out there for you and not just someone you can stand to be around for more than a couple of hours a day.

Follow these 10 easy steps when meeting someone new and you’ll be dating in no time!