I always think it’s funny whenever I read or hear of people using social media as a form of self escapism, re-invention or for offering a sanitized version of yourself. Most of the time that is true but it provides many functions: some people use it as a way of keeping in touch with friends; or, in my case, it’s mostly used for creeping on people (hee hee). But nothing is funnier than those that use it as a form of self promotion.

A good friend once said that “selfies are just a form of self advertising for boyfriends”.

This couldn’t be more true in my opinion.

Urban dictionary offers many explanations to the phenomena of ‘selfies’;

“a picture of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to facebook, myspace or any other sort of social networking website”

“the taking of a picture of yourself and posting it on facebook because you have extremely low self-esteem and you need people to comment to tell you how hot or pretty you look”


The latter is a tad harsh but it’s still my favourite. These days facebook looks like with the amount of selfies blocking up my newsfeed. But don’t get this post construed now, I LOVE IT.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a photo of someone pimping themselves out for potential suiters cause let’s face it, that is basically what your doing. If it’s not used for self-promotion then what is it used for? What is the point in them?
I am all for technology helping me look better, holla, I’ll take every option available to me. But pointlessly posting a photo of yourself pouting with sincerity, why bother? People will only ever be disappointed when they see you in person because there’s no ‘x-pro 2 filter’ in real life much to my dismay.

I use social media as a form of entertainment which it certainly does provide. I think selfies are HIGHlarious, and even funnier when it’s a male culprit (oh they’re out there).

Although when you’re doing it more than once a week it starts to get boring (I recently had to unfollow half of the Kardashians from instagram, they take self admiration to another level).

But let’s take a moment to give these folk the respect and recognition they deserve because it takes guts opening up yourself for scrutiny, especially when it’s based on your appearance. This suggests that these individuals do not have “low self-esteem” or feel the need for people to comment on “how hot or pretty [they] look”, bitch please – they know they look good. Maybe those who aren’t posting selfies are envious, in fact they are the one’s who lack self-pride and confidence in their own appearance.

Or maybe they just don’t wanna look like a fanny, either way keep em’ coming.